Whispering Dreamers
Andreanna Cahill || 21 || Dreamer .. Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? Like you're just a lost soul, floating around an endless world? Welcome to my life.
  1. The Necklace || @whispering-dreamers


    If Kaiden had to describe his relationship with Andreanna in two words he would say ‘perfectly imperfect’. They had their arguments and they had their playful fights and they had those moments that every couple had and it made them more real. That’s how they’d always been, they’d always been so real to Kaiden and it was a reason that Kaiden was so utterly smitten with Andreanna.

    He switched between watching the children and watching Andreanna. They were so effortlessly happy and in turn so was Kaiden. The sun peaked out just above the trees beyond the lake and it shone on the children in the late afternoon sun. He thought about the summer and realised that this was a postcard right here. He committed the image to memory and decided he’d never want to forget this moment, this feeling, this entirety. He watched as her smile fell slightly and watched the look in her eyes change from glee to a mixture of hope, regret and remorse. He knew what she was thinking as soon as he turned his gaze back to the gleeful children. He snuggled closer to her, turning his head to plant a soft kiss in the crook of her neck.

    "I’d do anything for you, Andy. I’d father you’re child if it meant you would mother mine." His fingers continued to draw soft patterns on the shirt above her stomach, to anyone else it might look as if he was caressing an unseen baby bump.

    He watches curiously as her expression changes again and becomes a wistfulness, a memory that hasn’t happened yet.

    "Tell me what you’re thinking." He mumbles, tilting his head to rest against hers.


    "I know you would," Andy whispered, smiling softly and watching his fingers as they drew soft patterns on her belly. 
    "You want to know what I’m thinking?" she asked with a gentle laugh, turning around in his arms and pushing him down carefully so she was laying on top of him. With her face hovering above his she tucked a her hair behind her ear, stopping it from falling down on his face before she reached up to cup his face. Closing her eyes and resting her forehead against his, Andy let the vision flow through to his mind and before she knew it, it was like they were both standing in the park, watching their children run around. The senses that came through in the vision made it seem all that real, from the smell of the freshly cut grass to the sound of birds chirping, ducks quacking and the children running around, laughing happily. 

    She let the vision go on for a few minutes before she slowly let it fade away, pulling back slightly and opening her hers to look down at the man of her dreams. “That’s what I’m thinking..” she whispered, kissing his nose. 

  2. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    He eyed the girl carefully. Her body and face remain a rigid mask that he cannot read but her eyes…well, her eyes had always given her away. He watched, amused by the onslaught of confusion and concern and finally realisation in her gaze. She had finally realised what had happened. Kaiden smirks.

    Something wicked sparks in his glance as she starts to belittle him. He takes a dangerous step forward and towers over her immediately, anger flaring in his eyes. 

    "Oh yeah, little miss?" He drawls, pulling out his words in a gruff whisper. Eyes that were not Kaiden’s own roams over the female body in front of him and what had turned into an angry sneer grew into wider smile as an idea enters his mind. The other occupying the mind, however, was rather powerful in his onslaught to take over his mind again. Too bad Samael was more powerful, for now.

    "You got a dirty little mouth on you, missy." He sneered, leaning up against her.

    "Maybe you can put it to good use. You seem to like this body, if the memories are right." 


    As he stepped forward, Andreanna stood her ground, refusing to back down. Instead of getting scared, the unnatural look on the features she loved so much was making her angry. She was furious that a spirit had the audacity to possess Kaiden’s body, and she was almost as mad that he had read the book in the first place when she told him not too. 
    I swear when this is over I’m going to smack him over the head. she grumbled to herself in her mind. Her brows raised as he spoke, and a scoff passed through her lips. “Go to hell” she hissed.

  3. Not For The Feint Hearted || @Andy, @Ina



    whispering-dreamers morningxnoonxnight

    After Ina had received the keys for the ‘house’ Kai, Andy and Ina had decided it would be a good idea to stay the night in it to see how creepy it actually was. Ria had been offered to Rapunzel and Texas for the night, and Kaiden thinks that secretly Texas was super excited about having Ria stay the night for the first time. It was a whole new level of trust, allowing Ria to stay. Not that he didn’t trust them, it was just that Ria was his youngest and only biological child…for now. The keys came by post with a letter that described the house in further detail, listing the complaints of paranormal activity. To say the least it piqued their interest.

    That, at least, was why they were now standing in front of a broken down shack of a home. They’d have been lucky to make it past the porch, with floorboards missing and crack and holes in the others. It seemed as if their was a thick layer of dust encasing the entire home. Kaiden smiled brightly. For as childish as he was, he adored all things creepy and terrifying…it was oddly exhilarating. It made you remember you were alive

    Kaiden looked from Ina to Andy and back forward again, swinging the keys in his fingers so they hit his palm each rotation.

    "Shall we?" 

    whispering-dreamers [You up bby!]

    Ina looked up at the building, and then back at her dad and his girlfriend. The trip to this place, this Louisiana swamp-land was heavy with mosquitos and creaking trees. Ina thought for sure that she’d seen a thick, scaled tail retreat into nearby marshes. That, alone, was enough to make her feel leery. 

    But now that they were in the house, Ina felt sick. There was a miasma in the air- a smell like rot, and bad meat. No. It’s an emotion. It had only happened once or twice, where Ina had gone into a place and felt a residual emotion from the walls, the ceiling, the floorboard… She instinctively moved closer to Kaiden and Andy. 

    "Dad. Andy. There’s someone where." She whispered. Just as the words left her mouth, the nearby door to the parlor slid open, and an old woman, black, tall, with white hair that was pinned up tightly under a colourful scarf, came out. She looked over the three newcomers, and her eyes landed on Ina. 

    "You look like your father." She spoke in a thick accent, and it took Ina a moment to process what she’d just said. She looked up at Kaiden, and reached up to touch her curls. 

    "Not him." The woman seemed to know what Ina was thinking. "Your Father.” Fa-tur. “You must be Seraphina. You may call me Ms. Doucet.” 

    "Seraphina?" Ina grimaced. "No. Just Ina."

    The woman didn’t seem to care. “I’m the caretaker of the property here. The lawyers said you had been delivered your keys.” She spoke matter of factly. “I am not your maid. There are no staff here. I come and make sure that everything is…” Ms. Doucet’s head bobbed, as though she were trying to think of the right word. “Runnin’.


    Andreanna didn’t like creepy houses, not because she was scared of ghosts or anything, but because some of the most boring and annoying jobs she had gone too were in places like this. Jobs that involved weird, stubborn creatures that liked to play games and irritate the heck out of the brunette. 
    Noticing the childish grin on Kaiden’s face, Andy raised a brow and looked back up at the house, smacking a mosquito as it landed on her arm and grimacing slightly. 

    at Kaiden’s words she nodded and went to walk forward, until she saw Ina move closer and heard her speak. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked up at the woman who stepped out of the house, her mind working double time as she tried to figure out if she was of any danger. She didn’t say anything as the woman spoke, but she kept her hazel orbs locked on her. Bending down slightly she took hold of Ina’s hand, she didn’t like the way this woman seemed to know her, and she wanted to make sure the young girl was close by. 

  4. The Necklace || @whispering-dreamers


    Kaiden had planned it all to perfection, and now he and Andreanna were sitting in a gorgeous clearing in their local park. A smattering of trees around them and a lake to their right with ducks quacking happily as small children fed them delightfully. The sky was clear apart from a few extra fluffy and extra white clouds which perhaps emphasises just how sunny the day was.

    The sun shone brightly, and it was definitely warm but not so much that it was uncomfortable for Kaiden. The summer had done him well for his ability to bear the sun on his skin. It got uncomfortable at times but not at all unbearable. 

    He glanced back to Andreanna now and smiled. He loved seeing her like this, while she was mindlessly happy, smiling without knowing she was smiling. She showed her pearly white teeth when he did that, and her eyes crinkled to show laughter lines that were so incredibly endearing to Kaiden. He smiled as he noted the slight breeze that pulled at her dark hair, and the sun that highlighted the red and blonde highlights she had. He grinned, blown away momentarily that he had managed to fall in love with such a woman.

    She was strong and smart, and she was funny and she was sassy and she didn’t fret over putting Kaiden in his place, because she was just that kind of a woman. He loved her. He had her now, her back pressed against his chest and her hips nestled against his thighs as they both looked out at the park. Kaiden’s arms were wrapped around her waist and his thumbs were drawing mindless patterns over the material of her shirt covering her stomach. He smiled again before shifting so he could nuzzle his nose into her shoulder.

    "Today’s a good day." He decided.

    Andreanna was happy. In fact, happy was an understatement. She was in a state of bliss. Cuddled up to the man she loved, she seriously couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather be. She still couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have found Kaiden, and how amazing it was to have someone who made her fall in  love all over again every single day. That’s exactly what Kaiden did to her, every time she saw him, or woke up next to him, or heard his laugh, she fell deeper in love; and it wasn’t a love like she thought she had in the past, or that she had always dreamed of, this was better than her dreams. Andreanna Cahill was finally living her fairy tale, and she never wanted it to end.

    She watched with a happy smile as children fed the ducks, laughing and squealing as they got too close and momentarily frightened a few of the little creatures that had waddled onto the lakeside to get more bread. Her hazel orbs sparkled with glee as her mind was instantly drawn to Ria and Ina, and then the thought of hers and Kaiden’s own child. The brunette wanted so desperately to be able to bear a child for Kaiden, even if it was just one. She knew the risk was there, but in her moment of happiness she didn’t care. It wasn’t a proven risk, just a precaution, what if they were worrying over nothing? 

    Instead of voicing her thoughts, Andreanna remained lost in her day dream, picturing Ina, Ria, and for some odd reason a young boy running around the park, feeding the ducks and filling the air with the sound of their laughter. The more she thought about it, the clearer the vision became. The boy would have Kaiden’s eyes, as blue and magnificent as the sea, he’d have hair the same as Andreanna’s natural colour, and his features would be a mix of the two, but equally as adorable. 

    Kaiden’s words pulled Andy out of her daydream, and she hummed softly, closing her eyes and smiling as she rested her head against his. 
    "Yes, yes it is," she replied softly. 

  5. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    "I could be." He admitted, his smirk growing into a grotesque grin. "I usually go by Samael. You might’ve heard of me; you know. Evil fallen angel and all." She slapped his hands away and glared at him with a ferocious anger that encouraged the man further. A wicked spark flitted through his eyes and he stepped forward again, forcing Andreanna back.

    He grinned, leaning over and brushing his lip against the shell of her ear before whispering “You’re pretty sexy when you’re angry.” He stepped back and chuckled darkly. 

    Kaiden stretched, arching his back with his hands clasped above his head, pulled back so as to pop the bones in his shoulders as well as his fingers. By leaning back he removed some of the kinks in his back.

    "That book is as uncomfortable as hell, and trust me. I should know." He states conversationally.

    "I’m upset you don’t like my game, I’m so sure the little pussy in this head would just adore to be apart of this game. It’s going to get extremely fun in just a bit.” He smirked, giving her a pointed glance.



    "Samael.." Andreanna muttered under her breath, her brows furrowing as she tried to piece together what was happening. The more he spoke the easier he made it, and before she knew it her eyes were flickering over to the old book that lay on the floor.
    "Oh god, my fiance’s been possessed, oh god. What do I do? Should I hit him over the head with the book? No that never works you usually need a spell. Oh god I wish Nim was here." she said mentally, her mind reeling and freaking out while her body and face remained quiet and expressionless, that was until his last couple of sentences registered. 
    "Hey," she frowned. "I don’t care who or what you are, no one gets to call Kaiden a pussy except me, and I don’t even do that." she pointed out, hesitating slightly as an idea came to mind. It probably wasn’t a smart one, but it was an idea all the same. "In fact.." she started slowly. "I doubt you’re all that high and mighty. I’ve certainly never heard of you, and you mustn’t be that strong if all it took to contain you was a fragile old book." she taunted. 

  6. "I love you."

    and the queen graciously replied:

    Andreanna couldn’t help but smile as Kaiden’s words reached her ears, and she blushed lightly as she kissed his nose. “I love you too. More than I ever thought was possible..”

  7. BABIES.


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  10. Ina smiles a little bit at Andy, returning the hug. "Brought you chocolate dipped, mint oreos."

    and the queen graciously replied:

    "Seriously? Thank you so much!" Andy grinned. "You should share them with me," she added cheekily.

  11. *approaches Miss Andy with cookies and hugs*

    and the queen graciously replied:

    Andreanna smiles softly. “Hey buttercup, whatcha got there?” she asks, leaning down to give the girl a hug.