Whispering Dreamers
Andreanna Cahill || 21 || Dreamer .. Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? Like you're just a lost soul, floating around an endless world? Welcome to my life.
    "Rapunzel!! Kaiden and I are planning our wedding soon and I don't even know what I'm going to do for a dress! Or what I'm going to do with my hair, or my make up, or the bouquet. Ahhh I need your help!"

    and the queen graciously replied:

    "Really??!  You are?!  That’s so exciting, Andy!" she practically squealed, fighting the urge to jump up and down from the excitement.  "Okay, okay, let’s do one thing at a time, alright? There’s no need to stress yourself out over everything.  Planning weddings should be fun!” she giggled.  ”Of course I’ll help you!”

  1. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    Having his sight back was a privilege like no other. He would have to work on his other senses in order to not be so vulnerable while blind. What a silly weakness, and one that was so easily overcome by a demon. Having his sight back meant being able to discern what this girl was feeling, and yet she never let on, nothing but her eyes gave her the slightest bit away. It was unnerving how calm and collected she could be in such a position, and again made him wonder exactly what it was that she had experienced.

    Nevertheless she was the perfect person to rule the under and over world with. For a brief second it looked as if she was about to answer him, the only tell tale had been a twitch in her mouth and the bobbing of her throat as she swallowed. Samael narrowed his eyes into slits as he watched her. 

    Almost immediately her entire being had changed and an ethereal look like no other had passed over her features, so alluring and so intoxicating that Samael could feel himself drawing forward. He needed her on his side, there was no two ways about it. She was everything he needed.

    The more he thought about this connection he felt with her, the more he had to think about why this body - and even Samael’s mind - had been so drawn to it. Was it as she said? Was it the soul? He scoffed for a moment, so indignant to the idea of a real soul mate that it was laughable at even the thought. The look in her eye had been such that he had paid no attention to anything else except from her, every sense yearned for her.

    He could see her, tall and looming and most definitely deadly. She had a look in her eyes that could kill, and hell if that wasn’t the most attractive thing he had ever seen.

    He could practically feel  her just out of his grasp, his entire being yearning to have her, to control her, to be controlled by her.

    He could hear her heartbeats beating erratically and-


    Samael leaned back in the chair, his eyes widening a fraction. 

    There were two of them. He kept this to himself while she defended Kaiden on his honour. It was a very noble thing to do, but with the knowledge he held now it was practically expected.

    You and the baby, huh, darlin’ the perfect vessel. We could be the perfect family, you and me and it.” He nodded towards her stomach.

    If Andreanna was mad before, it was nothing compared to the way she reacted to him mentioning her baby. She hadn’t had the chance to tell Kaiden about it yet, but in that moment that was the last thing on her mind. She was furious that Samael had threatened the child, and that fury snapped something in her. An animal like hiss passed through her teeth as she wrapped her arms around her stomach defensively. Andreanna took a step back, eyes dark with only a thin line of hazel showing around her dilated pupils. Much to her despair, the brunette looked more demon than she did human. Her features revealed no hint of humanity, only anger. She had been thrown into such a state of darkness, that it would take a fair while to bring her back to her normal state. Power radiated from her as she pulled it towards her, drawing it from anything and everything around her, making her look like she had transformed from a mere human, to a demon, to an angered goddess who was about to spit fire, but as she spoke her voice was as cold as ice, and almost unrecognizable. 
    Over. My. Dead. Body.” the four words were simple, but they were laced with such power she could have talked even Hades himself into surrender. 

  2. The Necklace || @whispering-dreamers


    Kaiden laughed at her rapid and muddled speech patterns, a look of pure adoration filling his eyes.

    "And you’ll be able to sense what I’m feeling and stuff?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. He nuzzles his face into her neck for a moment, placing light kisses along the bottom of her jaw. He let his mind wander for a moment before standing up, bringing Andreanna with him. He kissed her cheek quickly before placing everything back in the picnic basket and taking her hand.

    "Come on, let’s go home." He smiled warmly back at her, his blue eyes reflecting the clear blue sky precisely. He took her hand in his free one and squeezed softly. "We can make a start on making a baby." He winked devilishly.

    "Uhm, I don’t know to be honest,"Andy laughed slightly. "I don’t think it works that way, although I wish it did. Your necklace was created to help the original wearer take care of the woman who first wore my necklace.." she said with a small smile. "I met her once.. her spirit I mean. It was weird, but maybe one day you’ll see her Warrior’s spirit too." she shrugged lightly. 

    Andreanna smiled as she relaxed in his embrace, smiling as she stood with him and helped him pack up. At his words she nodded, but and gave his hand a little squeeze, but as he continued to speak her jaw dropped and she laughed. “That’s a great idea, Mr Jones,” she grinned back, leaning up on her toes to kiss his nose. 

  3. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    Samael relished the look of surprise on the first girls face. Apparently this body hadn’t told her all of his experiences. The other girl, the one who had appeared second had found Samael’s words very humorous and couldn’t contain her laughter. He smirked and couldn’t resist the very real prideful look on his face.

    The girls bicker once more and Samael could only sit there and listen. He had no sight and he had no way out. He fought against the restraints one more time but whatever the witch had done had kept him tightly trapped. It wasn’t just anything that could trap a demon and Samael had to wonder for a moment exactly who this girl was and what she had been through. 

    You bastard. Kaiden’s voice hissed in Samael’s mind and Samael drank in the sound of the man’s curses. Being in his body and having access to Kaiden’s memories meant that he was fully aware of how little the man cursed, and to know that he had provoked him enough to swear was highly amusing. 

    However as it appeared in Kaiden’s mind, he really had kissed his mother with that mouth.

    At the thought, searing white hot pain shot through his skull and made him cry out in anguish. Good. He had found his sweet spot. His mother was a touchy subject. Samael mused for a moment over the many ways he could go around this.

    His mind was snapped back to reality by the snapping of fingers and a voice being cut off in the middle of their sentence. It was clear that the second girl had disappeared or been taken away or something and it was just him and Andreanna in the room. He smirked. He feels warm air over his eyes, warm and welcoming. Slowly, ever so slowly his vision returned to him and the captivating features of Andreanna had filled his vision again. He blinked a few times in order to get the focus back in his eyes.

    "Questions?" Samael’s voice came scolding. Questions, what exactly was this? Jeapordy? I’ll take Name That Demon Possession for $800, please.

    "You really want this body back, don’t you." Samael cocked his head to the side at an unnatural angle. Not at all dangerous to Kaiden, but definitely painful. "Even after what happened to him? Even after what his mother did?” His eyes flared dangerously and for a moment there was another shoot of pain and a flash of recognition in Kaiden’s eyes that were undeniably Kaiden. 

    Andreanna’s hazel orbs stayed locked on the man in front of her as he slowly got his sight back. She stood with both hands on her hips, her narrowed eyes being the only sign of her annoyance and concern on her otherwise bewitching features. She managed not to grimace as Samael turned his head to the side, but instead her eyes narrowed further. She opened her mouth to answer, but was taken aback at the brief change in his eyes. If she had blinked she would had missed it, but her eyes had been so focused on him she could see every detail, every slight movement and every shift of emotion. 
    So he is still in there, she thought, her eyes softening, making her look angelic and virtuous. It was a look such as that that had fooled beings in the past, almost like a siren would a sailor, only this time, it wasn’t intentional. Andreanna had let a brief moment of vulnerability wash through her, even though the danger was still right in front of her.
    "It’s not about the body," she said quietly. "It’s about the soul. What you have in there, is an incredible man.." she paused briefly, choosing her next words caarefully. She knew she was going to give away too much information, but she had to say this to tel Kaiden that she didn’t care about what his mother did, nor did it lessen her affection for him. "He had no control over what happened to him, and I would not be one that is able to judge him for that. My own mother was so, grief stricken while I was growing up, that she used to treat me, and my brother especially, horrendously. I watched her change him into a person I could no longer recognize, but Kaiden’s stayed true to who he is. That’s a strength that is extremely rare to find…." Andreanna glanced away before her eyes hardened once more and she returned his gaze. "Let him go, and I’ll do whatever it is you wish. You want to take over the world? You’re going to need someone who can help you do that."

  4. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    He seethed at the new voice but remained silent. Kaiden’s normally warm blue eyes froze over in his anger, not that he could see out them at all. He quietly fumed as he listened. It was utterly infuriating to not be able to see. Samael felt like his secret weapon had been torn from his grasp.

    "It wouldn’t be the first thing shoved up his ass." Samael seethed, peeping into Kaiden’s memories. The young fellow must not have liked that however because Samael felt a very real striking pain in his head. 

    While the girls argued, Samael could do nothing but listen. Whatever the wretched beings had tied him up with were beyond his power, was beyond anything he could do to get out. Quiet anger fumed within him but at least some victory came when she said she didn’t know how to get rid of just one of them. At least if he was dying he was taking this lanky, curly haired fucktard with him.

    Again, the girls argue some more about bringing some other person into the mix. Really, how did these pair actually manage to trap him when the most they could do was argue about whether or not being able to cast spells or not was better. It was enough to scoff at. This time, however, a question was directed towards him. He gnawed his mind for some answer, but refused to answer the truth.

    "And why the fuck would I tell you?"

    At Samael’s words, both girls froze. Nim turned slowly to look at Andreanna, who sat there with wide eyes and her mouth forming a small “o” before Nim burst into a fit of hysteric laughter. 
    Andreanna’s stunned expression turned into a glare as she turned to look at Nim, who was now clutching at her sides, unable to stop laughing as tears rolled down her cheeks.
    When she caught sight of Andy’s glare her laughter died down to short bursts of giggles as she wiped her eyes and tried to regain her breath. “Well it looks like the demon isn’t the only one who has some answering to do,” Nim tried to say as seriously as possible. 
    Andy rolled her eyes and stood up. “Nymphadora, I swear to god if you don’t sit down and be quiet I’ll blind you too, and gag you while I’m at it,” she grumbled under her breath, pushing past her friend and getting close to Samael. Her expression softened as she looked at the body of the man she loved, a sudden sense of hopelessness washing over her.
    Kaiden, my love.. come back to me please. she prayed silently. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening her eyes once more as she exhaled, once again wearing an expressionless mask. She figured if she could once more convince Samael she was on his side, she could get some answers out of him, but to do that she had some convincing to do. It would be risky, but she hoped it would be worth it.  
    With a soft click of her fingers, a small whiteboard suddenly appeared, a did a black white board marker that quickly wrote the words Andy had directed at Nim. 

    Find Aleks and Dean. Bring them here before midnight.

    "But Andy-" Nim started to protest, but before she could say any more Andy made her and the board disappear. With another small intake of breath, Andy blew in Samael’s eyes once more, but this time her breath was sweet and warm. She knew it would take a few seconds longer for his eyesight to return than it had to disappear, but those short seconds gave her time to compose herself once more.
    "If you want to survive long enough to see the world you’re planning on dominating, you’ll answer my questions," she answered firmly. 

  5. The Necklace || @whispering-dreamers


    The jolt was shocking but not at all unpleasant. Where her skin touched his tingled uncontrollably like the most extreme case of pins and needles he had ever experienced, and also the most comfortable and welcoming bout of pins and needles he had ever experienced.

    Kaiden had this feeling of his mind expanding, but expanding and breaking off. He had is own mind but their was a shared kind of memory between them. He received everything of hers, of course he didn’t expect all of it to be there but the stuff that mattered was. It wasn’t ever anything truly clear. Quick flashes, the way that memory works. It’s hazy and it’s cryptic but you can work it out without much bother. It was amazing, watching a small Andy run around after a brother, looking up to her mother. She was loved and that’s what mattered. The flashes that were to follow were not always pleasant but they were necessary. These were not things that could just be discussed, these were things that had to be experienced. 

    There was a short flash of her experience in the underworld and then more flashes of training, of three other people. He didn’t quite understand it but he got the impression that she had worked with these people a long time and had formed a close bond with them. After the images of that time had passed an image of himself presented itself in her memory and he was mildly shocked. He hadn’t expected to feature in this short film of Andy’s life and the fact that he had touched him greatly. There was there first date and many happy days that followed, even some of the bad ones. He enjoyed watching those from Andy’s eyes the most because even when they argued he never once held any amount of bitterness in his eyes, not once did he see her differently.

    he came back like waking up. Slowly and then it was like it had never occupied his mind at all. He blinked rapidly before looking back to Andy and laughing along with her. He held her tightly and kissed her forehead.

    "I love you." A confirmation that even after what he had seen, he loved her no differently, perhaps even stronger.

    A bright grin of relief spread across Andreanna’s face and he hugged him back tightly. “I love you too,” she replied happily. She held onto him for another few minutes before pulling back and looking at him directly. “Okay so before we say anymore, our Spirit’s are kind of like, intertwined, which means; and I think I said it before, I can’t really remember, that you will most likely develop the ability to sense my feelings, like, you’ll probably be able to tell if it’s a really strong feeling and but yeah-” she babbled mindlessly due to the excitement and nervousness that were a result of their experience. Her heart was racing and her stomach fluttering, not to mention the fact that when she had spoken, it had been with minimal breaths in between her words. She had never felt like this before in her life, but it didn’t lessen the trust she felt for Kaiden, nor did it make her regret her decision to share this all with him.

  6. A Turn for the Worst || Kandy


    "Scars." The word leaves his mouth before he even realises he had uttered it. Had it been him? It must have been, the vivacious young man that was Kaiden had drifted off to the back of this mind. It had intrigued him, however, that she mentioned this. She could be no mere mortal, of course. Not many people see Hell and live through it, even in a metaphorical sense. He eyed this one carefully and couldn’t quite put his finger on what he thought was wrong with her.

    "Oh no? But, honey, think of all the wonders we could do.” He curls every word around his tongue in a tantalising and horrendous manner, an abhorrent snarl etched onto his features. The moment, however, that her features changed he was worried, and that was something that Samael was not often. He was a demon, for Christ’s sake, this woman shouldn’t frighten him in the slightest. Yet she had something about her, something utterly magnetic about her.

    However, when she took a step forward and a sinister smile that could match his own met her lips he grinned. He had won her over. They could rule the underworld in a way that even Lucifer would be jealous of.

    "Condtions? Darlin’ I ain’t the bargaining sort.” He twirls his finger in the air beside his head and swings his right foot so that it is propped up on the toes, his weight resting on his left leg almost entirely. He grins, a wicked gleam in his eyes again that looked unnatural and harrowing on Kaiden’s usually serene features.

    When she became close enough that when she spoke her lips brushed against his, his lips tingled and his body fought to seek the familiar warmth that her body had brought him multiple times. He cocks his head at her words, but grins at her when she pushes him down. He was intoxicated by her, obsessed with her. No, she wouldn’t need possessed, they could rule together without her being so. She straddled him and his hands automatically went up to hold her waist, his eyes hungry.

    "Of course, Darlin’ but how could I take all of the credit?" He asked, watching as his hands were drawn up and behind his back. She was dominating and it was overwhelming, it was exciting and- What in the Hell. His eyes snapped up to hers as he felt the cuffs and the metal band around his waist, fighting against it immediately with all the strength he had.

    You crazy BITCH.” He screamed, his voice loud and cracking, as if a whip had soared passed them and cracked straight back. “We could have ruled together, we could have been amazing.” He continued yelling, seething with inherent rage that only continued to boil over. He screamed in anguish as he fought against the restraints. Before, however, he could say much else she had blown cold air into his eyes.

    He was blind.

    There was nothing but darkness and what he could feel and smell. He heard a second female voice and this threw him into silence. There had been someone else in the house? No, surely not. She had appeared then? Exactly what kind of being is she? Samael remained silent through the exchanged, only snapping whenever he was mentioned.

    It goes silent again and suddenly he’s prodded in the head.

    Don’t fucking touch me, you Devil’s whore.” Samael snapped, fighting immediately against the restraints once more.

    Who. The fuck. Are you?” He seethed to the both of the voices.


    Nim barely flinched as Samael snapped at her, taking a step back “You watch it demon, call me a whore again and I’ll shove this rosemary down your throat,” she warned, her voice dangerously low. 
    "I’d shove it up his ass if I were you.. and if it wasn’t Kaiden’s body," Andreanna added bluntly as she sat down in a chair opposite where Samael was restrained.
    "You are so not helping,"Nim pointed out.
    "I’m not helping?"Andy exclaimed. "You’re not helping!" 
    "I don’t know how to fix this without getting rid of the both of them!” Nim retorted, both girls completely ignoring the man in the chair and his question. 
    "Well you’re supposed to be the smart one! You and Aleks. That’s why you two are the brains and Dean and I are the fighters." Andy frowned. 
    "Well maybe you should bring Aleks here with your freaky abilities. You don’t even need to use a spell or anything!"Nim complained. 
    "Have you ever tried to fight a werewolf? There is literally no time to cast a spell."
    "Well my potions have gotten rid of werewolves,"Nim argued. 
    "Docile or half dead ones," Andy grumbled under her breath. 
    "Whatever," Nim grumbled back, turning back to Samael. "Anyway,"she added, standing in front of front of him. "How’d you get into the book?" Nim asked him while Andy sat there watching. 

  7. The Necklace || @whispering-dreamers


    When Andreanna began to assure him of their health and their safety he allowed choked laughter to leave him, his face still hidden in her hair. He hugs her tightly, relishing the warmth of her body before he lets her go and leans back to cup her face gently. He smiles adoringly at her and nods in a manner of a small boy, heavily and without reservations.

    When she tugged on his hands he sat up comfortably and cocked his head to the side in order to watch her movements as her expression suddenly went calm and collected. This was a serious matter.

    When she began to speak he blushes a deep shade of red and smiled warmly up at his fiancee. Her words sounded an awful lot like a proposal and it made him laugh, to think that she would propose even after he had already done so. In a rather unconventional way, of course, but it was a proposal nonetheless. She looked down at her hands but Kaiden’s eyes remained locked on her face for a few more seconds, trying to decipher the emotion there but got nothing but a placid truthfulness. He looked fown at her hands to see a silver chain forming slowly in her hands. A pendant necklace soon lay in her hands and he immediately recognised it as the necklace around Andy’s neck. He glanced to make sure her own was still on, remembering the incident in which she had lost the necklace.

    She glanced back up to Kaiden after a moment and he met her gaze calmly, listening intently to her words.

    "Y-you would allow me into your mind?" Kaiden murmurs, looking back down to the pendant necklace. His fingers reach out tentatively and lift the pendant from her hand and allows it to rest in his palm for a moment. In that instant he felt as if his entire world was within his palm and he supposed in a way it was. Andreanna was his world, along with Ria and Ina. He glanced back up to Andy as if asking for permission and when he received it he placed the pendant carefully around his neck and let it rest comfortably on his torso. The effect was almost immediate.

    As he spoke, Andreanna nodded once, smiling a gentle smile. “Well you’re alrady on my mind constantly, why not be in it too?”she joked lightly, laughing softly. 
    She watched him carefully as he took the necklace, feeling her own start to heat up against her chest. Although this time it wasn’t the heat that it emitted when danger was around, time the heat was warm and comforting.. it filled her body with it’s sense of security. 

    Anticipation bubbled up inside her as he paced the chain over his head, letting the pendant fall against his chest.. and as soon as it did it was though the world around them froze. Andy gasped as the necklaces sent a jolt through both of their owners, her skin tingling wherever it was connected to any part of Kaiden; and although what she felt on the outside was magnificent in itself, what was going on in her mind was even more incredible. She felt all her thoughts, all her emotions and all her memories swarm around her head before they became a bigger cloud that covered the both of them. Sure there were some things she didn’t want Kaiden to know, but that was for his own well-beings, and  luckily her memories were only sent to him in glimpses. Random flashes of her childhood, with quick, faded images of her brother and mother, which were followed by her what was short but felt like an eternity encounter with the gates of hell before she had been pulled back to the real world by the previous owner of her necklace. This woman had spent the next three years training Andreanna and a total of three other people, one female and two males, and then making them do her dirty work and solve the supernatural problems that were effecting humans or other supernatural beings. All of which were shown to Kaiden in flashes. It then shows when Andy first met Kaiden, and every moment after that. The brunette knew shed have some explaining to do, the memories weren’t exactly clear for someone who had not been there, but for her they were clear and almost painful, except of course the part where she had met Kaiden, reminding her of the wonderful life she lived now. 

    As the world came back into focus, Andy blinked and looked up at Kaiden quickly, anticipating his reaction. “Well.. we can’t change it now..” she laughed faintly. 

  8. An AU in which Kaiden dies fairly young, and even her necklace can’t heal Andreanna’s heartbreak, so she slowly starts getting sick again until after a few years she dies. When it happens, Ria is at college, and Riley still living at home. The devastated sixteen year old calls his older sister who goes to him immediately. They stay by each others side, and after the funeral decide to go through an old scrap book Kaiden had created before he passed. Although they’re both extremely upset, they know that as long as they have each other they’ll be okay.